Nine Locks Event Sponsorship

As a locally-owned and operated company, we genuinely appreciate the support we receive from the local community. In turn, we’re proud to return this support through donations and sponsorships to the many organizations and causes that contribute to our community. We do receive a large number of requests, so if you have a cause, event or sponsorship request that you would like us to consider, we ask that you simply complete the form below. We do not accept requests dropped off at the store or through email.

*Please note that we carefully consider all the requests we receive, but unfortunately we cannot support them all. We review requests at the 1st of each month and will notify successful applicants at that time (unsuccessful applicants will not be notified).  Please take note that if you are requesting support for a particular month, we must receive your request by the first of that month. For example, if you have an event in mid-July, then your request should be in before July 1st. If approved, we will contact you in early July based on the contact information you provided in your submission.